Powerful Data-Driven Solutions
for Academic Institutions
Infogroup Academic specializes in providing custom solutions to colleges
and universities across the nation.
Access records on 25 million U.S. businesses and over 245 million U.S.
consumers. All records are telephone verified and updated daily.
Our database of postal and email addresses allows us to operate a full-service
marketing mail center. In addition, our data processing services can provide
customer email addresses or suppress, merge/purge and append your existing
customer contact lists to for the highest delivery rate possible. We also have
TargetReady Models™ – ready-made models that help refine target markets to get
the most out of sales and marketing activities.
Our in-house survey service offers telephone, email and direct mail survey
capabilities. We have an expert survey research staff dedicated to compiling
survey questions, obtaining responses and analyzing results.
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Use Our Data for:
University Marketing Departments
Promote campus events, new educational
opportunities, and general University brand

Assist in donor and alumni list clean up to
increase donations and funding for various
programs. Target large donors and past alumni
in executive level positions to increase
awareness and bring in corporate

Business College
Our online databases can help colleges reach
out to local businesses for seminar
attendance and tout Business College
students to potential employers. Increase
corporate presence in the community and
partner with various businesses.
Athletic Departments
Our data processing services enable athletic
departments to customize contact lists to
help increase attendance for sporting
events and draw in potential event

Continuing Education
Use custom demographic data to target
potential students through direct mail or
email. Attract students to MBA programs,
specialized classes, certification programs
and recruiting events. Most importantly,
increase enrollment.
Research Department
Use current or historical data to complete
various research and reference projects.
Every record is geocoded down to the
parcel level and includes detailed
information–making it the most
comprehensive research database

Academic Library
ReferenceUSA provides U.S. and Canadian
business data as well as U.S. and Canadian
consumer data that help students
research data for class projects or
research papers.
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